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Feb. 18th, 2012 09:41 am
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Something you want to do? Interaction you want to handwave? Don't have a meme handy for it? Let me know here, under the relevant game heading!
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March 1st

Arrived at the bath house. Spoken with Yubaba about necklace. Must pay to get it back.

Met with Vriska. First troll to see.

Came across Dolorosa. Heartfelt reunion after four years on Dis' end.

Met Alphonse tried to cheer him up.

Met Ponta. Instant love.

Met N and one of his Pokemon.

Met Aradia & Minako.

Met Meryl.

First Network Post

March 3rd

Meets Yuusuke

Spoke with Signless

Meets Hanako


Feb. 18th, 2012 09:42 am
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How is my driving? This is a post where you can tell me what you think of my Disciple. Have concerns? Suggestions for improvement? Have at it.
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character name; The Disciple (Magdayama Koinonos) | Dis in [community profile] hiddenbygods
character's canon; Homestuck
timeline; Several years into her isolation.

out of character;

「Backtagging?」 I live by this. I'd never be able to finish a thread if not for backtagging so most definitely.
「Threadhopping?」 Yea, I am fine with this if whoever I am tagging with is fine with it.
「Comments in Subject line?」 ? not sure what is meant by this.
「Is there anything you do no want mentioned around this character? || Fourth Wall Breakage?」 While Homestuck is notorious for being super meta, I'd prefer there be no breaking of the fourth wall, please. Other than that feel free to mention whatever you want.
「Offensive subjects?」 Nope, I'm pretty hard to phase. It's more how you handle subjects than tackling them at all, and if it is done respectfully I have no complaints.

in character;

「Hugging this character」 Go for it. Depending on who you are though you'll turn her into an uncomfortable awkward turtle.
「Kissing this character」 Feel free to but she won't be very pleased.
「Flirting with this character」 Go for it, but since she is spoken for she won't flirt back. Just be really embarrassed.
「Fighting with this character?」 Go for it. Unless it's a friendly duel, however, she is likely to just remain on the defensive side since she is fairly pacifistic.
「Punching this character (provided they can fight back)?」 If you wish!
「Injuring/killing/etc. this character?」 Injuring, we can talk about it. Killing, absolutely not.
「Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character?」 Case by case! Feel free to ask me though, I am very open to things like this :3
「Triggers?」 Mentions of any of her companions--Signless, Psiioniic, and Dolorosa will likely get her down but she's pretty good at keeping her cool.
「Medical info?」 She's not human, quite obviously. She's a troll and she belongs to the caste that has olive green blood. She is very much like a cat in a variety of ways. She has some marks along her ribcage area where her extra legs use to be (when born, trolls were like some sort of grub like so. In general trolls tend to be more insect like hence their more instinctive nature.

Due to her years of isolation, Disciple can not speak very well. She has not become completely mute but her vocal cords, like any other muscle that goes without use, have deteriorated somewhat so it is difficult for her to speak.

「Using magic on this character?」 Depends on what kind. If it's something small like healing them, or anything that won't really have any lasting consequences no need to ask, but if it will please ask first.

text permissions;

Homestuck characters type in courier, different colors, and have a variety of quirks. With the exception of Mindfang, however, we have not seen any of the ancestor's writing. People tend to just adopt the descendent's quirk, which in this case would be:

Prefacing everything she writes with ":33 <"
Using a lot of cat puns such as writing pawsitive for postive, fur for for, complickated for complicated.
Replacing all instances of two e in a row with 3 such as s33 for see, or b33n for b33n.
No punctuation.
Typing in olive green font such as this one to represent her blood!

For the Disciple, however, I will only be keeping two factors. The typing in olive green, and replacing ees with 33s. The reason for this, is because she is evidently a scholar. She was the one appointed to write down all the Signless' history and sermons and so I feel that she would have been very serious how she went about it. With those two aforementioned exceptions she would type just like any other person, to give an example here is her first person example.

Disconcerting as it may be to have b33n spirited away from my home, I must admit that they place is quite beautiful. Perhaps I am speaking too soon, however, after all I have not b33n here particularly long. To those who are now to be my fellow workers, allow me to extend my gr33tings. My name is Ada and I hope that we may work well alongside each other, and perhaps have an agr33able relationship outside of work as well.

I do f33l the n33d to say that my voice appears rather weak as of this moment, and so I do hope that any silence from me in person will not be taken offensively.

Good night to you all.

I will always accompany any post I make with a plaintext example, typically I reply to a person in the manner they reply to me, unless there is an IC reason not to. Meaning if you reply in voice, I will reply in voice. If you reply in video, I will reply in video. Problem is Dis has sorta lost her voice, but if/when she gains it back this will be the norm. If you want to reply in text, but do not want me to use the quirk, please me know here! I will do my best to remember everyone, though do note that while I will OOCly drop the quirk, ICly Disciple would still be using it.

FFf sorry for the rambling, looking forward to playing with you all. :3


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